Enabling Splice History in OSPInsight

Splice History is an advanced feature that was introduced in a September '17 update of OSPInSight for Desktop. Splice History allows users to keep track of the splicing changes within a given enclosure.

(This feature is available in OSPInsight for MapInfo databases.)


In this article you will learn how to:

  • View Splice History from the Splice Diagram
  • Enable Splice History using SQL Server
  • Disable Splice History
  • Re-enable Splice History

View Splice History

To access Splice History, navigate to a splice diagram in OSPInSight.

  1. Right-click a splice point in Data View 
  2. Select Splice Diagram
  3. Click Splice History
    1. Click the eye symbol to view a snapshot of splice data from the date displayed.
    2. Click the Red X to delete the splice history record.





NOTE: This feature is not enabled by default and the option will be grayed out until it is enabled in the SQL database. 



Enable Splice History using SQL Server

To enable Splice History, connect to the database using SQL Server Management Studio and execute the following query against your OSPInsight database:


Insert Into SchemaData (Name, Value) Values ('Edit_SpliceHistory', '1');


It should return "(1 row affected)" in the messages window in SSMS and Splice History will now be enabled!



NOTE: Splice History does not work retroactively and will not pull the history for existing splices.

Disable Splice History


If you wish to turn off Splice History you can run this update query in SQL Management Studio:

update schemadata set value = 0 where name = 'Edit_SpliceHistory'


Re-enable Splice History


If you wish to turn on Splice History again you can replace the “0” in the statement above with a “1”:

update schemadata set value = 1 where name = 'Edit_SpliceHistory'



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