Latest - Web 9.16 Release Notes

What’s New! - February 2022

Welcome to 2022! We have an exciting year planned for OSPInsight Web. If you missed the 9.16 Webinar where we highlighted our roadmap, please check out the video recording in our Help Center to see what is coming!

Network Map

Inside Plant Features

Web 9.16 brings inside plant features to the table. With the addition of floors, rooms and racks you can now track how your fiber objects are managed in a building.


To add these new features to a building, use the right click menu on the building. After you have added the objects, go into their attribute editor and create the relationship between the objects. For example, if you create a floor and then a room, make sure to relate the room to the floor through the rooms attribute editor.

Access Points

Access Points also have some new functionality. You can relate racks to an access point through the right click menu. This behaves the same as adding a rack to a building.

WCAG / Accessibility Improvements

We are constantly improving OSPInsight Web to be more friendly for those with accessibility needs. In this release we modified many of the locations where only a colored icon existed by adding clarifying text. We also added additional text to hover overs.

Type Modifications

Before version 9.16, if you created an object with a type, you could only modify it to another type. With 9.16, you can now disassociate a type with an existing object (except for Spans and Termination Panels). This gives you more flexibility when documenting your data.