Web 9.19 Release Notes

What’s New! - October 2022

Network Map

Editing in ISP View

Using the drag tool on the far left of ISP View, you can now easily place your ISP items in the correct locations in your building. For example, if a user added a Termination Panel to a building without associating it with the correct Floor / Room / Rack, you use the drag tool to pull the Termination Panel and drop it in the correct relationship. The application will automatically  update all of the related fields. If you haven't been using floors, rooms, and racks to manage your buildings, start today!

Splice History Improvements

Tracking the history of your splicing is vital when managing your fiber network. Using OSPInsights Splice History, you can view every splicing change made in a Splice Point. With Web 9.19, histories are now created if a user deletes a cable or moves it out of a Splice Point. This gives you even more information when verifying splicing and investigating your  Saved Routes.