Keyboard and Mouse Functions

You can use a variety of keyboard and mouse actions when building and editing your networks. This article is an overview of the important keyboard and mouse functions.


These functions pertain to navigating in the map window.

Click + Drag

Pan around the map window.


Shift + Drag

Zoom to selected area.


Map Objects

These functions pertain to working with objects in the map window.

Control + Shift + Drag

Select all map objects within the selected area. (Mac = Command + Shift + Drag)

Map Selection Tool

Shift + Left Click

In 'move or resize' mode,  it will increase or decrease the size of the object. 


Shift + Click a Map Object Anchor Point

In edit mode, deletes a map object anchor point.

Delete a Map Object Shape Node


These functions pertain to working in the browser window.

Control + R

Refreshes the OSPInsight Web application.

Refresh Application

Next Steps

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