OSPInsight Mobile User Guide

This article is a general overview of the OSPInsight Mobile Application, and getting it set up on your mobile device.

Table of Contents


Basic Usage



Versions of OSPInsight Mobile

OSPInsight Mobile is an IQGeo Platform client application for displaying and managing OSPInsight data on mobile devices and in spurious network conditions​

There are three versions of OSPInsight Anywhere​

  • Android    (Cordova-based)​
  • iOS           (Cordova-based)​
  • Windows   (Electron-based)​

How OSPInsight  Mobile Works

OSPInsight Mobile works by maintaining local versions of the IQGeo database and tilestores​

There are extensive server processes for constructing and maintaining these local data sources​

OSPInsight Mobile clients can download and use these data sources

Offline and Sync Processes

OSPInsight Mobile is designed to run offline. However, when online, OSPInsight Mobile still has access to online services like:​

  • Online map tiles​
  • Online sync​
  • Google Streetview and Search​

The server is also able to build downloadable sync packages for OSPInsight Mobile clients that contain all the changes since the last sync package was created (or the extract was built)​.

OSPInsight Mobile clients obtain data through a replication process involving:​

  • Extraction: OSPInsight Mobile users are provided with a copy of an area of the master database (an extract) on their device, which allows them to use IQGeo Platform when they are offline​
  • Synchronization: When OSPInsight Mobile users connect to the network, they (1) upload any data changes they have made and (2) download incremental updates from the master​

Basic Usage

Download the extract


Initialize the database

Ensure the extract is writable​

Login using your provided account​

Make the downloaded extract the current database



Check for updates


(Click IQGEO to go to the OSPInsight Mobile home page)

OSPInsight Mobile Home page

Get back to ‘Get Database’ and ‘Sync’ pages using the ‘Configuration’ application​

Select the ‘OSPInsight Mobile’ application.




Click on the ‘IQGeo’ icon to navigate to the Home page​

Open the Configuration application​

Sync your database/upload your changes​